Moroccan Clothes

Moroccan Clothes

<!– google_ad_client = "pub-4904902570575601"; /* 300×250, created 5/11/10 */ ; google_ad_width = 300; google_ad_height = 250; //  Moroccan clothes are traditionally rich and varied – variety of fabrics, shapes and colors expressing a certain art of draping – Moroccan costume for man or woman comes by local cultures of each region or each social group.
Two major trends emerge, namely the urban dress and country dress,  in both cases the use of various devices is used to enhance the look and divert the attention of potential weaknesses of the body.
The constant among men is wearing a Djellaba which is a loose clothing. Woolen fabric or lightweight, it is equipped with long wide sleeves and a hood.Moroccan djellaba
Similarly, there is Silham or Burnous, solid color, black or white, borne on the Djellaba with hood.
Under Djellaba they wear the Caftan which is a long dress with no collar, long sleeves, closed at the front of many embroidered buttons.
For the head, Tarbouch as head covering for the urban and Razza for the country and Rural belgha (babouch, slippers) in both cases.
Moroccan babouch balra

Moroccan clothes for women are also diverse. 
The Haik, a sort of cloak of fine cloth large and white, is the rule especially in rural areas, and in certain regions. When you leave the city, you will see increasingly rural women in the female version of the djellaba.
They usually wear the Qmis(long jacket) underneath, a lightweight fabric covering a seroual (baggy pants).
The caftan and Mansouria fabric are the usual two long dresses for women. The Moroccan kaftan or caftanis for celebration and special occasions. This dress highlights the femininity with a bonus: it combines the splendor and elegance because of the meticulous production.Moroccan kaftan
Fine fabrics and brightly colored silks are the traditional fashion. The tailors put their skill and art to create the sumptuous dress. 
Gold embroidery, silver, contours and ends delicately decorated, all returning a sensation of richness and femininity. 
A belt embroidered with silk thread or gold (or at least among wealthy women, silver or solid gold) shakes the Caftan size.This coat, has always been a source of inspiration throughout the world.

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