Traditional Moroccan clothing

The classic Moroccan garment is called “djellaba”, a long and loose hooded gown which Moroccans  wear it over their normal clothing. It covers the entire body except for the head, the hands and the feet and it comes in different colors, styles and fabrics depending on the season. During summer a cotton or rayon djellaba is preferred, while during winter a wool one.

The djellaba is worn traditionally both by men and women, but the women’s djellaba differs in style as it has brighter colors and decorative embroidery. 

Men’s djellabas

Women’s djellabas

An important characteristic of the Moroccan djellaba is the hood, a long and pointy hood called in arabic “cob”. 

Another traditional garment worn this time only by women is the kaftan. It looks like the djellaba, but it doens’t have the hood. The kaftan can be simple for day to day and it can also come in a more elegant and sofisticated style worn by women on weddings or celebrations. It is also the bride’s garment on her wedding day. 
The kaftan is usually worn with an exterior garment called “Dfina” and a belt called “Hezam”

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